1. Specialized in PICKING

VIVACE LOGÍSTICA S.A. is a LOGISTICS OPERATOR that specializes in providing PICKING services (preparation of orders for single units of products), and whose two managing founders, Fausto Serra and Nemesio Navas, each with extensive experience in the sector, began operations in 2001. The paid-up capital of VIVACE LOGÍSTICA is 1.36 million euros.

Interactive Example Picking: management cycle of a client’s order.

2. Industry solutions

VIVACE LOGÍSTICA provides its logistic services to companies in various sectors such as textile/footwear and home, childcare, office equipment, cosmetics/perfumes, Internet sales, promotional and auxiliary material for pharmacies, publishing, healthcare, public administration, consumer campaigns, etc.

Specialized logistics service urgent picking and storage

3. Quality of service

The management team at VIVACE LOGÍSTICA is aware of the need to provide quality service to customers and the enormous amount of human resources that this implies, so it has made substantial improvements to the picking process by investing in innovative machinery in the area of Logistic Operators.

4. Modern handling processes

The introduction of 2 vertical carousels (Output) for picking cosmetics and small items, 4 multi-sectorial carousels and 1 carousel (In-Put) for picking advertising material has helped VIVACE LOGÍSTICA to update its handling processes.

5. Technological innovation in order picking

VIVACE LOGÍSTICA has become the innovative and pioneering logistics operator in the technology of order-picking machinery to provide the best picking service at competitive costs for our customers.

6. Increased storage capacity

VIVACE LOGÍSTICA has a new 4,500-m2 warehouse at La Roca del Vallès, near its main building in Granollers, which is already equipped and provides logistics services to new customers.

7. Personalized service

We are entirely at your disposal to comment on any topic regarding our logistics services.

Yours truly,

Fausto Sierra
Managing Director

Telephone : + 34 93 840 42 97
Granollers, Barcelona, Spain

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