Are you concerned about the logistics? We care for you

Logistics Service, storage, picking and distribution of goods, the size and adapted flexibly to the changing needs of your company.

Are you worried about logistics? We will deal with it for you.

A COMPREHENSIVE LOGISTICS SERVICE, storage, picking and distribution of goods, tailor-made and adapted to the changing needs of your company.

  • Picking Service, customized packing slips and management adapted to each client.
  • Storage, inventory management and insurance of goods in stock, online tracing.
  • Special handling, management of reverse logistics.
  • Package distribution, full and partial loads. Online tracking.
  • Special logistics projects, campaigns, etc.
  • External logistics management of your warehouse.
  • NEW: Logistics consultancy service for companies.

logistics Services

We take care of the whole SUPPLY CHAIN of your products.

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Collaborators and storage space, picking tools and software information

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